Product Lines:

Reactive Dyestuffs
Vinyl Sulphone Based Reactive Dyestuffs
Bifunctional (ME) Reactive Dyestuffs
Highly Exhausted (HE) Reactive Dyestuffs
Cold Brand Reactive Dyestuffs
Hot Brand (Cyanuric Hot Brand/Monochloro Triazine Base) Reactive Dyestuffs
Chemifix Equivalent Reactive Dyestuffs
Main Uses: paper, leather, textile, fur, wood, polyester, viscose and cosmetics

Ink and Ink Jet Dyestuffs

Tracing Dyestuffs
Main Uses: tracing water leaks, irrigation lines, fertilizer systems,
pollution studies and detergent, shampoo, industrial cleaners

Hair Dyestuffs

Solvent Dyestuffs
CIBA and BASF Equivalent Solvent Dyestuffs
Main Uses: glass, fuel, wax, lubricant and plastic

Mordant Dyestuffs
Main Uses: fibers

Acid Dyestuffs
Main Uses: animal fibers such as wool and alpaca, silk, nylon

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Product Lists:

Synthetic Food Colors

Organic and Inorganic Pigments
Main Uses: plastics, rubber, nitro-cellulose